i strive for this level of mindfulness,
to fully anticipate needs.

Master + Marlowe.

While actual erotic slave training encompasses a whole person, the foundation of a service submissive is the proper attitude. Different roles dictate different training techniques, but all erotic slaves, and their Masters, should cultivate an attitude of mindfulness. Mindfulness may be understood as an overarching awareness of one’s surroundings, and circumstances. Mindfulness is gentle attention, focused without being forced. For the erotic slave, it is the pursuit of their true vocation that is the path of mindfulness. Their mindfulness should encompass their physical body, mental awareness, emotional state, and where possible, the mental, physical, and emotional state of their Master. That is not to suggest a submissive must be an empath or clairvoyant. A submissive must cultivate self-awareness, and with proper training, an awareness of their Master’s needs and desires. Experienced erotic slaves develop a sixth sense, the ability to anticipate their Master’s needs before they are verbalized.

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i’ve put together some of my favorite places for your enjoyment. you can also find me on bdsmlr.

i have zero affiliation with any of these except my etsy shop.

my brand new etsy shop

i got it in my head to start designing sexy t-shirts capturing the essence of my beliefs so i just opened a brand new etsy shop to get things going. i’d love to hear your thoughts. comment below.

the september moon designs etsy shop


i love to be controlled and hypnotized. ideally i’d become a mindless fucktoy (at least temporarily). please share your favorites in the comments.

sorry if some links don’t work. soundcloud has been purging erotic hypnosis lately. i’m trying to keep on top of these. feel free to reach out if something has disappeared.

fucktoy – my pleasure
hypno training
mind melts
slave girl

nimja – a whole library of erotic hypnosis

YOUTUBE (my latest source)

female communities

it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed online. here are a few online communities that cater to submissive females.

humbled females
sisters in submission


these are articles i’ve felt important enough to share.

how to be a submissive wife
what does being a slave really mean?
how to be a good sex slave


consider this my personal bookmark list of the websites i love. i’ll be adding more as i go (and am open to suggestions).

code d’ odalisque – contemporary pleasure slaves
domestic submission – all about spanking
enslave her


some of my favorite stories. you’ll notice a theme.

a night at the boss’s house
she’s taken as a gift for his boss without her knowledge.

a slave for the day (with friends)
elle discovers what being a slave for the day really means.

his new year’s eve gift
she’s given as a gift at the club’s nye gift exchange.

a patriarchal society – the novel
an erotic exploration of a patriarchal society on an island.

please share other suggestions in the comments. i’m always open to learning from new sources.


it’s not enough to be a slut,
to be used,
to be fucked,
to be on her knees for men.
a woman needs to be owned,
have all her rights relinquished,
to be completely his.


i long to be restrained like this,
left to be discovered,
part of someone’s wicked plan.

This is part of my snippet collection – little scenes/starts of stories that may never go anywhere but I wanted to share. She tilted her head up as if to kiss him but he was just beyond her reach. She pulled against her restraints. Her arms were secured behind her back, tied to the bedpost […]

restraints — eroticwritergirl


i am super humbled by the attention, comments and appreciation shown to me and my little blog. i am only an inferior slut who knows her place and wishes to please all of you more and more. please tell me how else i can please you. i’m begging to know.

on my knees as always.

i need rules

i need rules.
i need discipline.
i need to be put in my place.
i need to be told what to do.

i’m untethered and lost,
without direction,
without rules.

command my mind,
command my body,
tell me what to do.

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