helping women find their place

sometimes a girl needs inspiration and help shifting her mindset to become more obedient. i’ve stumbled upon some very inspiring and erotic hypnotic tracks on soundcloud and want to share them with all the women who strive to know their proper place in society. these are a few playlists i’ve put together and found to help you get started. more coming soon.

i live to be obedient

enjoy. please let me know how they work for you.


down the rabbit hole

my mind is blank.
i am open and obedient.
my purpose is to obey.
i live to obey.
i am a good girl.
i obey.
i accept my position.
i obey your words without thinking.
i am becoming more and more obedient.
i have no choice but to obey.
i am deeply deeply empty.
i am obeying without thought.

an inferior slut

i’m an inferior slut.
i’m meant to be used by men.
i’m three holes meant for use.
my only purpose is to please men.
i fulfill my purpose on my knees,
my mouth is open and waiting,
nothing but holes to be filled and used.
my body is man’s to enjoy,
to squeeze, to torment, to fuck, 
to use in any way he wants. 
that is my purpose, my role.
i gladly accept my place in the world
and happily submit before all men.

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