i am a slut

i am a slut.
i want to be a slut.
i want to own the truth of who i am.
i want to be used, to be shown out for who i am.
i want to be exposed, to be exploited,
to give pleasure, to be utilized.

i want my tits out, my pussy exposed,
to be presented and exhibited freely.
i want to live this life everyday,
for it to be the essential part of who i am.

i am a slut and i need to be used.


i am a slut

i am a slut.
my place is to please and obey,
with my mouth open,
my tits out,
and my pussy dripping.
i am always open and available,
ready and willing to please.
the perfect slut.

your favorite thing

i’m a slut, on my knees, begging for more.
i’m open and available, ready, waiting.
i love to be commanded, to be instructed,
to be molded into exactly what you want.

my mouth open, my tits out, always on display.
a blank canvas waiting for your marks,
waiting for your touch, craving you to my core.

i’m a slut, obedient and empty,
waiting to be filled, to be fulfilled,
to live my purpose, to be true to who i am,
to be your favorite thing, to be used again and again.

on her knees

her tits are out and facing forward,
her mind blank and receptive.
she’ll do anything you say,
obey without question.
she only wants to please.
her purpose is only to please.

she is pleasure and bliss,
warm round tits with hard nipples,
waiting to be pulled and pinched.
hot deep cunt and puckered ass,
waiting to be plunged and explored.

she sits on her knees waiting.
her every command is yours.

women want to be put in their place

i am a strong independent woman and i want to be put in my place.

i feel like this is common for most women but we’re taught to hide behind feminism and the need to be equal in every way. it’s like the pendulum has swung way over from one side to the other – putting many women in the position of feeling they need to be the same as men, to do the same things as men. we were sold a raw deal. or at least many women bought into it.

men and women are not the same and should not be expected to be the same.

i feel like most women would be happier on their knees sucking cock, minds blank, with only one purpose: to please their man. that’s it. keep house. take care of him. take care of kids if they’re in the mix. cook, clean, organize, do all the things that women are wonderful at doing. being the caregivers. not out in the world trying to balance a demanding career with their relationship and possibly kids. women can’t do it all and they’re suffering for trying.

i believe women can do whatever they want to do and be whomever they want to be. i simply believe that most women would be happier being put in their place, being told what to do, letting the weight of the world fall off their shoulders, and learning to be content and happy playing out their feminine role in life. at least i know this is true for me.

A study shows that 65% of women had fantasies about being dominated.

The Washington Post

when it comes down to it, women want to feel secure and protected. they will only feel this way if their man is strong enough to put them in their place, to demonstrate his strength over her. i’m not talking about abuse or force (neither should be tolerated) but about men being naturally dominate in a relationship and women being naturally submissive.

women crave to be put in the submissive role, to be allowed to be feminine and girly, to feel protected and cared for, and to have rules and structure around them. don’t be afraid to be the man in the relationship. women crave and need this, especially in today’s lopsided world.

how do you do this?

  • tell her no when you mean no with no further explanation.
  • put your foot down and have the last word.
  • command her to do things for you.
  • create rules and structure for her.
  • punish her when needed. i hear spanking works wonders.
  • treat her like the slut she is (and craves to be).
  • demand blow jobs and other sexual favors (without always reciprocating).

i’d love to hear what else the men have to say about how to put a women in her place. i’d also love to hear from women who love to be put in their place and what works best for them.

women need rules

women crave structure and this includes having rules. otherwise we’re left to overthink things which seriously stresses us out. women need a strong man (or men) in their lives to create rules and ensure that she abides by them. the more structure women have, the happier they are.

different relationships will have different rules but here are some essential rules that all women should follow to ensure that they have more harmonious relationships with men. please feel free to add additional rules in the comments that i may have forgotten.

the essential rules

  1. always be available when men want to use your holes. accept their attention with appreciation.
  2. be serviceable. this means always look your best and wear clothes that have easy access.
  3. be obedient. obey without hesitation. don’t think about it – just do.
  4. be humble. don’t be afraid to show your submissiveness. this will make it easier for men to dominate you.
  5. lower your eyes when meeting new men. this will show your submissiveness and your place to them.
  6. never disagree or argue with a man. instead be agreeable and pleasant.
  7. never orgasm unless directed to do so by a man.
  8. be docile and pleasing. men appreciate this in a woman. it’s ok to have differing opinions but don’t try to dominate in any way.

i obviously don’t know everything but this is a good start. i’d love to hear what other rules you think women should follow in the comments.

sloppy sunday

sinking to my knees,
forehead to the floor,
waiting with my ass in the air,
fully exposed, fully wanting.
cocks slide in and out,
one after another,
losing count,
losing perspective.
my ass, my cunt,
it doesn’t matter.
cum dripping down my legs,
becoming the receptacle that i am.
nothing more.
true acceptance.

helping women find their place

sometimes a girl needs inspiration and help shifting her mindset to become more obedient. i’ve stumbled upon some very inspiring and erotic hypnotic tracks on soundcloud and want to share them with all the women who strive to know their proper place in society. these are a few playlists i’ve put together and found to help you get started. more coming soon.

i live to be obedient

enjoy. please let me know how they work for you.

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