i’ve put together some of my favorite places for your enjoyment. you can also find me on bdsmlr.

i have zero affiliation with any of these.


i love to be controlled and hypnotized. ideally i’d become a mindless fucktoy, at least temporarily. please share your favorites in the comments.

fucktoy – my pleasure
good girl programming
hypno training
mantra for obedience
mind melts
slave girl
nimja – a whole library of erotic hypnosis

female communities

it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed online. here are a few online communities that cater to submissive females.

humbled females
sisters in submission


these are articles i’ve felt important enough to share.

how to be a submissive wife
what does being a slave really mean?
how to be a good sex slave


consider this my personal bookmark list of the websites i love. i’ll be adding more as i go (and am open to suggestions).

code d’ odalisque – contemporary pleasure slaves
domestic submission – all about spanking
enslave her


some of my favorite stories. you’ll notice a theme.

a night at the boss’s house
she’s taken as a gift for his boss without her knowledge.

a slave for the day (with friends)
elle discovers what being a slave for the day really means.

his new year’s eve gift
she’s given as a gift at the club’s nye gift exchange.

a patriarchal society – the novel
an erotic exploration of a patriarchal society on an island.

please share other suggestions in the comments. i’m always open to learning from new sources.


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