DAY 30 – 30 days of submission

DAY 30: is your need to submit being met? if not, or if your situation changed, do you think that you could continue in your life and still be happy/content if you were never able to express your submission in the way that feels best to you again? what makes submission special to you?

not entirely. i want to submit more. i want to be used more. i want to be commanded and put in my place more. these are things i crave. i’m able to express my submission in smaller more subtle ways currently but i would love to be more taken in hand, to have it be a bigger part of my everyday life.

what makes submission special is giving over the power and control to someone else, trusting them completely to always have my best interest at heart, and to guide and shape me as they want. this is the ideal for me.

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DAY 29 – 30 days of submission

DAY 29:  is pain or humiliation (spankings for example) a part of your submission? what is your relationship to it? do you embrace it as a part of your submission, tolerate it as necessary or have some other type of relationship with it?

not currently although i’m hoping spanking (among other things) will be incorporated soon. i’m open to being disciplined in this way. i believe i would embrace it, not merely tolerate it, as part of my submission.

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DAY 28 – 30 days of submission

DAY 28: has your submission ever let you down? have you ever been criticized for your submission? have you ever regretted being or feeling submissive in a moment or in a relationship? have you ever looked back and realized you made a mistake and how did you handle your submission going forward from that?

it’s let me down in the respect that i’m not living the lifestyle (yet) where i am as submissive as i want to be. i’ve never been criticized for my submission but my current partner doesn’t fully understand the extent of it despite me trying to explain. it’s been a slow process but i’m continuing to work on it. i’ve never regretting being or feeling submissive – it’s so much a part of me. i’ve always been with very loving partners who adore me and who i trust completely. i’ve been more submissive in past relationships – especially my first bf – and i absolutely loved it. no regrets or mistakes. it’s all lessons and moving forward.

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DAY 27 – 30 days of submission

DAY 27: do you have submissive desires or fantasies that you have yet to be able to explore? do some of your desires confuse or frighten you? do they excite you? what are they?

absolutely. yes and yes and yes.
i crave to be used like the slut i am which means being randomly shared, forced into humiliating situations, shown off, totally controlled, bound and 100% of service always. the extremes of my desires do sometimes confuse and frighten me. like who would want this? but there it is — i do. i crave it. i need to be given zero choice, to be fucked and used and shared, to be reduced to the slut i am. the thought of all this thrills me in ways i can’t even begin to describe.

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DAY 26 – 30 days of submission

DAY 26: what are the qualities you seek in a dominant partner and why? are some qualities deal-breakers as in “must” haves or “must not” have?

i seek a dominant that is strict, demanding and will put me in my place. i need rules, discipline and structure. i also want him to always have my best interest at heart, to mold and shape me to please him while encouraging me to grow and prosper as a willing submissive. i want to please, to be obedient, to be fully open to him. i need to be able to trust him fully, to love the person he is, to submit myself fully.

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DAY 25 – 30 days of submission

DAY 25: are there items, objects or rituals that represent or help you express submission? if not, have you ever thought of adding or being gifted one? is there a special significance to these objects or rituals?

i don’t currently have any items, objects or rituals that represent or express my submission but i wish i did. i love the idea of being collared and of having rituals and guidelines to follow — the stricter the better.

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DAY 24 – 30 days of submission

DAY 24: what are the emotions that most directly let you access submission? what feelings do they inspire?

humbleness. getting out of my own way. allowing myself to be vulnerable and true to who i am. also devotion and refocusing my attention to the one i’m serving and off myself (which isn’t always easy).

these feelings inspire servitude and respect (for who i’m serving). it allows me to calm down, to be focused and to be of service. it puts me in my place in a wonderful way. it’s what i want.

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DAY 23 – 30 days of submission

DAY 23: is there anything about submission (yours or what you see in others) that you question, dislike or repels you? was there a time you questioned or were resistant to your own submissive feelings?

it’s not up to me to judge others. as long as it’s all consensual and of age, i think it’s great for people to have the freedom to do whatever they want.

as for my own submission, i currently don’t have any dislikes or anything that repels me. i’ve perhaps have had it easy for me to say this. i would like to be stretched more to where i did acquire some dislikes. i feel like this would help push my submissiveness. it’s easy to be submissive when it’s everything i like.

i have been resistant to my own submissive feelings in the past – like what’s this? is this “normal”? how can i realistically express this in my daily life? i’m still in the process of exploring all of this and would like to push myself even more to truly live in alignment with my submissive tendencies. i need to be pushed. i need more rules and stricter guidelines. this is what i crave.

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DAY 22 – 30 days of submission

DAY 22: can you feel submissive without a dominant partner? if so, how does your submission express itself? if not, how do you handle your submission or submissive feelings?

absolutely. my current partner isn’t super dominate (at least not as much as i desire) and i still feel more submissive than ever. when i’m fully being submissive (allowing him to take the lead, submitting to his wants and desires) i’m the happiest and most calm.

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