your favorite thing

i’m a slut, on my knees, begging for more.
i’m open and available, ready, waiting.
i love to be commanded, to be instructed,
to be molded into exactly what you want.

my mouth open, my tits out, always on display.
a blank canvas waiting for your marks,
waiting for your touch, craving you to my core.

i’m a slut, obedient and empty,
waiting to be filled, to be fulfilled,
to live my purpose, to be true to who i am,
to be your favorite thing, to be used again and again.


sloppy sunday

sinking to my knees,
forehead to the floor,
waiting with my ass in the air,
fully exposed, fully wanting.
cocks slide in and out,
one after another,
losing count,
losing perspective.
my ass, my cunt,
it doesn’t matter.
cum dripping down my legs,
becoming the receptacle that i am.
nothing more.
true acceptance.

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