i am a slut

i am a slut.i want to be a slut.i want to own the truth of who i am.i want to be used, to be shown out for who i am.i want to be exposed, to be exploited,to give pleasure, to be utilized. i want my tits out, my pussy exposed,to be presented and exhibited freely.i... Continue Reading →

your favorite thing

i'm a slut, on my knees, begging for more.i'm open and available, ready, waiting.i love to be commanded, to be instructed,to be molded into exactly what you want. my mouth open, my tits out, always on display.a blank canvas waiting for your marks,waiting for your touch, craving you to my core. i'm a slut, obedient... Continue Reading →

an inferior slut

i’m an inferior slut.i’m meant to be used by men.i’m three holes meant for use.my only purpose is to please men.i fulfill my purpose on my knees,my mouth is open and waiting,nothing but holes to be filled and used.my body is man’s to enjoy,to squeeze, to torment, to fuck, to use in any way he wants. that... Continue Reading →

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